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The John Carter of Mars you (probably) won't see next year in Andrew Stanton movie

Disney released recently the first pictures and trailer from Andrew Stanton's "John Carter of Mars" movie and it looks not that bad. Many great artists illustrated John Carter of Mars since the first release of Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, for instance Frank E. Schoonover with this original 1917 book publication cover below...

But if you were born in the 1960's, John Carter of Mars probably remember you more the great paintings of heroic fantasy master painter Frank Frazetta, like these below and on the top.

Frazetta unique style is recognizable instantly, only him put this kind of incredible "sexual animality" in the characters. For a whole generation, John Carter of Mars was synonymous of the Frazetta illustrations. And that's all the point: will Andrew Stanton characters will be as "hot" as Frazetta paintings? I wouldn't bet on that but i'm curious to see how far Disney has authorised him to go in the movie. It's supposed to be a summer blockbuster movie for all ages so i doubt that we will find this sexual animality in it.

We had a glimpse of that in the trailer and, so far, as you can see on the screen capture above, we can't say that Princess Dejah Thoris costume is as "sexy" as Frank Frazetta painted her. Not bad, but they can do better!

Pictures: copyright Frank Frazetta and Disney

Shanghaî Disneyland Construction Update by Stefan Zwanzger, The Theme Park Guy

Stefan Zwanzger, aka The Theme Park Guy is back from his last trip in Asia and he's back with the latest pictures showing the works at Shanghaî Disneyland site!

Don't expect to see the Shanghaî Disneyland castle, you won't see it bafore at least 2014 but according to Stefan "There is visible progress on the Shanghai Disneyland site: the huge moat that will encircle the Disney resort is being excavated, the three or four entry gates to the construction site are now equipped with barriers and security, and the site office has employees coming and going. And in the background, it's all digging and digging".

Above, one picture of the huge moat excavation and at the top a picture of the Shanghaî Shendi Group poster at the entrance of the site. There is dozens more pictures on Stefan's site so the best i can say is to jump to The Theme Park Guy web site right now! It's right HERE.

Pictures: copyright The Theme Park Guy

4DX Theatre Review, First one in the U.S opening late August

Sometime you have the luck to be at the right time at the right place and so was I to experiment one of these new 4DX theatres. The first ones, if i'm not wrong, opened in South Korea and recently a new one opened at the magnificent Siam Paragon Cineflex theatres in Bangkok. The first one to open in the U.S will be in Los Angeles and is scheduled to open late August.

So, what are these 4DX theatres? Well, if you're not tired yet by 3D movies the 4DX theatres is the next step, full of in-theatre effects, and the goal of course is to take more bucks out of your pocket. 3D screenings are already more expensive than normal ones but at least in 4D theatres you will have plenty of special effects in addition to the 3D glasses...Basically, 4DX theatres are a mix of Star Tours simulation technology with Honey I Schrunk the Audience special effects. Said like this it sounds not that bad and even interesting, but wait for what's coming next.

The main reason why i was curious to experiment 4DX was not to "live" the effects - i did this several times in many theme parks - but to see how they succeeded to adapt this kind of technology/effects to a normal movie - i mean, a movie which has not been filmed specially thinking to the in-theatre effects. Because that's the main difference between 4DX theatres and theme parks attractions using the same technologies, here you will experience a screening of a normal movie, not "designed" for a specific ride.

In Bangkok Siam Paragon the movie who did the 4DX theatre opening was Transformers 3. There is enough action in it for the 4DX effects and that's probably the reason why they choose it. When you enter the theatre there is more or less 200 seats seats all by four together, and each four seats are based on a simulation platform. The special effects that you will experience during the screening are wind, smoke, water projection, and more.

What did I think about it? Well, when the film began i thought it was great. If you saw Transformers 3 you know that the opening sequence is on the moon, back in the 1960's. The camera is moving slowly up and down and the 4DX simulation system reproduce these movements, smoothly and gently, just like if your seat was on the same crane that was used for the camera. So, i thought that this was pretty cool and a real bonus in comparison to a normal screening. Then, wind effects arrived - depending of the movie sequence, of course - rain effect, too - don't worry, you won't be wet and there is no 10 minutes long water projection effect - and even smoke effects.

A little bit later Transformers 3 action sequences began, and so 4DX enjoyment problem too. Everything was working fine technically speaking but the only way they've found to reproduce the massive-explosive-speedy-action-scenes of Transformers 3 is to use the simulation platform to shake your seat, and sometime "in all directions". When there is an explosion scene skaking the seats is understandable - and God knows there is a lot of explosion scenes in Transformers 3 - but when it's another kind of action scene, a wild chase for instance, the simulation system find its limits and obviously they can't do anything else than shake the seats in a way that become quickly not fun at all.

I suppose that the guys behind these 4DX theatres think that modern audiences always want more sensations, but it's a pity they don't use the system in a more subtle way like they did at the beginning of the movie where everything was fine and enjoyable.

So, my advice is this one: if you live in a place where a 4DX theatre already exist or is going to open, go and try it. I'm not sure you will go back each time they will play a new movie, but it's interesting to try the system at least one time. Let's just hope that their future selections will be more subtle than Transformers 3 something which should not be very difficult to achieve!

Picture at the top: Ad for the Siam Paragon 4DX theatre.

Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Men

Faux hawk hairstyles offer a great option to style your hair in a trendy way. As hairstyling and haircuts are no longer restricted to the female class, you can find many men opting to deck up their hair in the most fashionable ways. Well, faux hawk is one such hairstyle for men that gives them a classic makeover. Faux hawk is a hairstyle with extreme features that can be mixed and matched to create a style that gives you an out-of-the-crowd appearance. Well, I am sure that all you guys are eager to find out the best faux hawk hairstyles for men and try out one of them very soon, right? Here are the options to checkout.

Popular Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Men

The Haircut
In any of the faux hawk hairstyles, basic style of cutting hair remains the same. A faux hawk haircut basically involves cutting hair on each side and keeping longer hair on top of your head, especially those near your hairline. The hair on both sides and back is cut slightly shorter than the hair on top of the head. Remember that the length of section of hair on each side and back of your head is 'slightly shorter' and not very short as compared to the hair on top of your head. Recently many men opt for a faux hawk wherein the hair on sides is not cut short and kept at least 1 to 1½ inch long and styled using hair gel.

With this basic faux hawk haircut you can try out various hairstyles. In most of the faux hawk styles for men, the section of hair on top of the head is commonly manipulated. Let me tell you that spikes are the primary feature of most of the modern faux hawk hairstyles for men. You can create classic faux hawk hairstyles by styling hair into stunning spikes and by using gels and styling sprays.

Popular Faux Hawk
In the most popularly styled faux hawk, hair on top of the head is spiked, with rest of the hair just combed and swept backwards or towards the front. You can create a cool look by applying gel to the hair near hairline on each side and sweeping the front row in flat spiky pattern over the face. Next, let the top spikes face right upwards or towards the front.

The Sober Look
For a sophisticated touch, the long hair on top of the head is side swept by adding a side part. This side swept hair is styled into soft spikes using gel. Hair on sides will be combed backwards or kept simple by combing it downwards towards the ears. Hair on back of the head is also kept simple. The short faux hawk can be the best thing to opt for if you want to add a touch of spice to the soft formal look.

Glamorous Fohawk
For an ultra glamorous effect, spikes are highlighted using hair colors. Amongst the various hair coloring techniques, frosted tips or hair highlights are most popularly used in faux hawk. Frosted tips can create a wonderful effect with extreme shades of hair color. In such a hairstyle, the hair on the back is also spiked along with the hair on top of the head. Moreover, the spiky effect is much prominent. Men also don spiky bangs with strands of hair on top of head standing straight up, a few inches high!

For the Cool You...
The messy faux hawk can be something to try out in case you are walking out in your cool casuals. The messy faux hawk can be simply combed and styled with your fingers. If you want a more defined look, use styling gel to create that messy look. Well, spikes in each direction can be the trick to get that messy, yet extremely happening look!

Faux hawk hairtyles are already a hot favorite of men. With the various styling options and ways to get a look suitable for your outfit, this is definitely a perfect pick for the season.

Buzzed Haircuts for Women

Short hairstyles are becoming very popular among the busy working ladies nowadays. Among all the short hairstyles the buzzed hairstyle is one that can uplift your taste for fashion. This is an extremely short and trendy haircut. It became popular among the men and women from the early '50s and '60s.Buzzed haircuts for women give a strong look to a feminine personality and can define the facial beauty pretty well. For different reasons women choose this haircut. Let us take a look why the craze is spreading far and wide among the women.

Buzzed Haircuts for Women

Gone are the days when traditional long hairstyles were the only choice for a lady. With the passing time our lifestyle and tastes are also changing. Now women are becoming very conscious about their career and competing with men in every phases of life. Now out of home for work, they have little time to look after themselves. So the buzzed haircuts are becoming the prime choice of every female. It is so tidy and short haircut, that you need little time to comb your hair. Those women who are into business and politics often opt for the buzzed one, as it helps in highlighting a strong, smart and bright personality of the individual. Buzzed haircuts also reflect confidant personality of a woman.

The buzzed haircut is also known as waffle or crew cut. The word "buzz" is an American name for this trimmed haircut and is derived from the sound of an electrical razor that is used to shave the hair. There are various types of buzzed haircuts that one can choose from. For example, buzz haircut with medium sideburns, buzz haircut with bangs, etc. They give a clean and well-structured look and are ideal for the professional ladies, models and all those fashion-conscious ones. Popular stars such as Britney Spears, Sinead O'Connor and Natalie Portman are some women who opt for buzzed hairstyle and show the world how a buzzed haircut can heighten one’s beauty.

Those who are undergoing medical treatment or suffering from hair loss, buzzed haircut can be a better option. This is also helpful for the women who suffer from hot flashes as it is easier to keep cool with trimmed hair.

If you are really tired of handling your dry and split hair, then take the right kind of clippers and have a buzzed haircut. It will save your time and will give you a nice and stylish look. For proper care of this buzzed cut you should get your hair trimmed every week. It will add grace and tidiness to your personality. Its unique features have made it so special among a fascinating range of short hairstyles.

Egg Yolk Mask

It is no surprise that women and men are more and more interested in taking good care of their skin; well, not just the skin. The way they look, dress, and present themselves to the entire world has become more important. With this, comes the need to purchase various hair and skin products that can help correct any flaws there may be. But purchasing commercial beauty products don't necessarily have to do the trick every time. When you think about it, they are expensive and some may also contain harsh chemicals that can give adverse effects. In order to keep your hair and skin away from toxins and harsh chemicals found in commercial products, you can opt for a safe and less expensive choice - at home beauty remedies.

You don't really require a drawer full of products. Just a few ingredients found in your kitchen and you're all set. One of the ingredients that is favorable and used quite often in hair and skin products is egg yolk. Keeping that in mind, we have put the following article together on egg yolk mask for face and hair. So read the entire article properly and find a non-risky way to keep your skin and hair shiny and luscious.

Egg Yolk Mask for Face

Making a face mask with egg yolk is not just about saving money and finding a home remedy to take care of your skin. The egg yolk face mask benefits in various ways like keeping the skin oil free, tightening the enlarged pores, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and firming the skin. With all these amazing benefits, isn't it worth trying at least once? This is why, we have put the following recipes for you to try at home.

This mask helps in tightening your skin and providing it with a soothing effect. In a bowl, mix 1 egg yolk and ¼ avocado (mashed). Heat 1 tablespoon honey (dark) in a microwave bowl and combine properly with the egg-avocado mixture. Use your fingers or a soft brush (the brush works best as it won't make your hands sticky). Leave the mask on for about 15 to 20 minutes, or until it feels tight on your skin. Then, wash your face with cold water and make sure the mask comes off properly. Dry your skin with a towel and apply a moisturizing lotion that suits your skin.

This mask helps in keeping the moisture of your skin intact. To make this next mask, mix 2 egg yolks with 1 teaspoon olive oil, and 3-4 drops of vitamin E oil in a bowl. Take a microwave bowl and slightly melt the honey in it. Combine the honey with the other ingredients and stir properly. Apply the mask with a brush over your face and let it sit for about 20 to 25 minutes. Wash your face with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry. In the end, apply a moisturizing lotion that suits your skin.

This mask helps in hydrating your skin and remove dry, scaly skin. In a bowl, mix 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon yogurt, and ½ teaspoon almond oil. Slightly warm 1 tablespoon honey in a microwave bowl and add with the rest of the ingredients. Mix properly, apply the mask on your face, and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash your face with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry. Apply a moisturizing lotion that suits your skin.

Egg Yolk Mask for Hair

If I ask, "Do you want silky, smooth, and manageable hair", you'd probably think I've gone crazy. I mean what girl wouldn't dream of having hair that shines and is glossy every time. You must've seen celebrities with their gorgeous hair and perfect skin. Well, truth be told, they can afford expensive salons and exclusive hairstylists. Well sadly, that can't be the case with the rest of us. However, you don't have to get disheartened because there are certain recipes which you can make right at your home and achieve amazing results.

This mask helps in making your hair shine and feel smooth, no matter what texture. In a bowl, mix 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons olive oil, and 2 tablespoons conditioner. In a microwave bowl, warm 1 tablespoon honey (dark) and combine with the other ingredients. Before taking a shower, massage this mask into your hair from roots till the ends. Place a shower cap on and leave the mask in for half an hour. Then, rinse your hair properly, shampoo it, and remove the mask from your hair. You can apply conditioner, if you like.

To make this next hair mask, mix 1 egg yolk, 2 avocados (mashed), and 2 tablespoons olive oil together. In a microwave bowl, warm ½ cup honey (dark) and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Apply the mask into your hair and massage it properly. Place a shower cap on and leave the mask in for an hour. Then, rinse your hair properly, apply shampoo as many times necessary to clean the hair, and use conditioner.

Apart from the egg yolk masks mentioned in this article, at Buzzle, you will also find a wonderful, homemade egg white mask for your skin. As these m

How to Cut Faux Hawk

Faux hawk is the modern variation of the traditional Mohawk style of 80s. The style requires the weaver to cut hair short from the sides of the head, leaving the longer 'strip' of hair down the center of the head. This trendy style is popular amongst men and women and can be styled on long as well as short hair. Hence, this hair style is ideal for people who desire to have a trendy, and slightly rebellious look that not only fits in their mainstream lifestyle but also in corporate work environments.

The faux hawk style works best for people who just want simple restyling or new look without cutting their hair, and also for people who are hesitant to try the traditional Mohawk style. The biggest advantage of this hair style is that one can simply brush the hair back or to the sides during the normal workday, without letting others know about your new trendy hairstyle. And to revive your new stylish look, you just need a light mist of water or gel and a quick swipe in your hair with a brush or comb. Well, this was just a brief insight about faux hawk. How to style a faux hawk haircut? Let us try to know about this haircut with the steps given below. Learn more on haircut styles and ideas.

How to Cut a Faux Hawk Haircut?

Things Required to Cut Faux Hawk Haircut
  • Scissors
  • Hair clippers
  • Rubber or elastic bands
  • Hair gels or styling mousses
How to Cut a Faux Hawk Haircut: Steps to be Followed
  • First step is to decide the thickness or width of the faux hawk cut, that you would like to sport. And the simplest way to do this is to measure the area between the irises.
  • Wash your hair properly, dry it completely and then with the help of a comb, divide your hair into three sections.
  • Use rubber or elastic bands to tie your hair in the middle of the hair.
  • If you have long hair, trim it a little bit especially from the sides using a hair clipper, leaving enough to ensure that the center part is a bit longer.
  • Now remove the rubber bands from the middle of your hair. Take the hair styling mousse or gel and apply on your hair. Apply the gel or cream as instructed and style the hair either with your hands or a comb.
  • You can create stand up spikes or a tousled look, or if your hair is very long, you can have a faux hawk with a ponytail.
  • Finally, allow the gel or styling material to dry and settle in. Use a stronghold hairspray to smoothen and finish your faux hawk look.
These were simple instructions on how to cut a faux hawk, that will definitely keep you from spending dollars or cents in the hair saloon. Though the faux hawk look can be sported by people of all age groups, it is more common among young boys, teens, and college students.

Well, this was all about 'faux hawk: how to cut a faux hair'. I am sure after reading this article you must have got a fair idea about this hairstyle. So now that you know how it is done, what are you waiting for? Try having this trendy look and be ready for loads of compliments coming your way. Have fun!

How to Style a Faux Hawk

There are many fashion enthusiasts who like to experiment with their hair and try out a wide range of haircut styles and ideas. As a result of the ever changing fashion and hairstyling trends, there are many types of hairdos coming up for boys and girls. Each haircut has its own attributes, fashion, and use. Many people like to wear a good decent haircut during the day for office, and flaunt a trendy hairdo at night for partying. If you have short to medium hair, one of the best options is to wear a faux hawk. Let us discuss about this cool hairstyle, and how to style a faux hawk for girls and boys.

What is a Faux Hawk?

The faux hawk haircut is a hairstyle that is quite famous among working professionals as well as party people. This hairstyle is pretty much similar to the Mohawk hairstyle, with the only difference being the hair is not cut from the sides. Generally, this hairdo is suitable for boys, but is also sported by girls who want to look unique. A faux hawk is mostly made on short or medium hair which may need to be styled differently after some time. So, you can wear a simple haircut to office, and also can wear a faux hawk when going to a discotheque. Let us now look at how to cut faux hawk for women and men.

How to Style a Faux Hawk for Girls and Boys

In order to make a faux hawk, the first step that you need to take is to wash the hair properly. Remember that your hair should be preferably short in length to make a good and simple faux hawk. Now dry out and apply an appropriate amount of quality hair gel to the hair. After the gel is set on the hair on the crown, you need to style all the hair upwards just like in a Mohawk. Unlike in a Mohawk, there is no need to trim the hair from the sides, but keep the hair relaxed or style the same hair upwards. The top hair should be styled upwards in a center line on the crown, which extends from the forehead till the back of the head. This is the extreme variant of the faux hawk though. To know how to style a short faux hawk for office, you can simply take a little hair on the crown and style it upwards, without creating a center hair line right till the nape.

How to Style a Faux Hawk for Curly Hair

If you want to style a faux hawk with curly hair, it can be easy; provided that the hair is suitably short. This is because curly hair tends to go out of place very often. You can surely style a faux hawk on medium curly hair, but you will need to use a lot of hairspray to keep the top hair in the center line. In order to make a faux hawk on fine hair, you would simply need about two minutes. In girls with medium curly hair, who want to wear a faux hawk, they will have to use hair pins to keep the curly hair set in the center line. If the hair are very curly, you may need to use to flat iron to get some fineness to the hair.

This is some good information on how to style a faux hawk. There is a variety of modifications that can be done to this easy to make, yet trendy hairstyle. Coloring the ends of the top hair is a good choice if you want to experiment with hair color ideas. Faux hawks have been worn by many celebrities and sports personalities, such as David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo, Jude Law, Orlando Bloom, etc. Understanding about styling a Mohawk will help you easily know how to style a faux hawk. Applying gel to your hair and styling the hair as a peak, makes a faux hawk.

Short Faux Hawk

Mohawk hairstyles were very popular as punk hairstyles at a time. And many people tried to make their Mohawks longer than the others. Mohawk hairstyles were dramatic hairstyles, which were created using glue and hot iron. Then, to add more style to them, they were colored in bright colors like acid greens, pink, yellows, reds, hot pinks, etc. These were high maintenance styles. But, since 1980 the new style called as faux hawk or fohawk has become popular. It is not as dramatic as the Mohawk styles, but still give a cool and edgy look. Mentioned below are some cool women's and men's short faux hawk style ideas, that you can consider getting done.

Short Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Men and Women

Thinking, how to cut a faux hawk? Usually, the process of how to cut a short faux hawk is like this. The hair on the sides of the head are cut into short crops, with the middle band of the hair kept longer. Then, with an extra holding gel or a similar styling product the hair are styled upwards to create a faux hawk. This is how a basic faux hawk is created, given below are other ideas to create unique looking faux hawk.

No Cutting Required Style
For this style you don't need any cutting the hair, just separate out the middle band of the hair and secure it with hair clips. Then to create a faux Mohawk hairstyles, use a pomade and set the side hair flat against the scalp. Then, take the middle hair and style it upwards using an extra hold gel.

Spiky Faux Hawk Cut
Many people with their short faux hawk haircut like to get a choppy cut done. This makes the faux hawk look sharper instead of blunt, and gives a nice tapering hair look. For this you can get choppy layers done, and between the hair section of the faux hawk, keep some spaces, so that with fingers and gel you can style individual looking spikes in it.

Modern Mullet Faux Style
To create some modern faux Mohawk haircuts for men use these ideas. Get your faux hawk cut first, but this time with the middle band keep the back hair longer. So, that the middle band has long hair like a rat's tail to it. Then on the sides of the hair, get two side cuts done for an extra cool look.

Women's Faux Hawk
Faux hawk hairstyles for women are slightly different than men. Women generally tend to style their faux hawk hair in two ways. The first way is to create a faux hawk, with the hair near forehead cut longer and then with the gel they are styled upwards and forwards to create long bangs. Another way women like to wear faux hawk, is by simply creating it by making a bump kind of hairstyles, by styling the front hair upwards with brush. Women can also use the braided faux hawk ideas.

Braided Faux Hawk
To create faux hawk for curly hair braids are the best way. Create a French plait by taking all the hair together. However, this time start from the nape of neck to create a braid, and bring it till the forehead, and then let some hair loose from the braids end near forehead to create bangs.

These were the cool short faux hawk styles. So, what are you waiting for, go in front of the mirror and try out these ideas of faux hawk styles, or go to the stylist and get a smooth looking faux hawk done...

Military Haircut

Military Haircut

Military haircut is the name to a hair cut which involves cutting the hair very short. Even though military hair cut is basically a short hair cut but still there are a number of variety hair cuts that can be put under this category. In a military hair cut, men are supposed to keep their hair short for obvious reasons. But this does not mean that non-military men can not flaunt a military hair cut. One of the major reasons that men like to wear a military hair cut is that it emphasizes the features of the face and makes it look more attractive.

One of the many military haircuts is the high and tight cut. In this hair style the hair is cut to one sixteenth on an inch. Many men like to support this hair cut because it emphasizes the cheek bones and makes the features more attractive. Another form of the military hair cut is the flat top hair style. In this hair style the hair at the top is kept standing.

The hair at the sides and the back is totally shaved off. The unshaved hair is kept as short as half an inch or up to one inch. This hair style is recommended for those men in military who like to keep it a bit long. The standing hair at the top gives it a bit long look.

Lowlights Vs Highlights

All women desire to have beautiful hair, which will make them stand out from the rest. That's why we find so many women investing their time and money in beatification of their crowning glory. These days, women have the option of going in for any of the various hair color ideas such as lowlights or highlights or a combination of both, to experiment with their locks and add that dramatic touch to their personality. However, before going in for any of such hair coloring techniques, women should know exactly what these mean and what they will do to their hair. Scroll down to know about lowlights vs highlights...

Hair Lowlights Vs Highlights

What are Highlights?
Both hair highlights and lowlights are techniques of streaking the hair. Highlights refer to the process of coloring the hair in two shades lighter than the natural or overall hair color. For example, for women who have brown hair, highlights of caramel or blond color are usually given. For women with black hair, highlights of dark brown or red tones are opted for.

Hair highlights help in giving the entire hair more light and depth. Women who prefer a sun kissed, dramatic look on their hair, should go in for hair highlighting.

What are Lowlights?
On the other hand, lowlights is a hair coloring technique wherein some of the strands of hair are colored in two shades darker than the original hair color. For example, women with black hair are given eggplant colored lowlights. Thus, the main difference between lowlights and highlights is that in highlights, two shades lighter hair color is used for streaking while in lowlights two shades darker hair color is used.

Lowlights for hair are preferred by women who want to jazz up their hair a bit, but still do not want them to look over dramatic. Hair lowlights add depth to the existing hair color and are very good at hiding gray hair. They make a woman look classy, graceful yet trendy, all at once!

Placement of Lowlights and Highlights
When it comes to lowlights vs highlights placements, there is not much difference. Mostly, hair stylists recommend placing either of these on top of the head or around the face. They also recommend to go in for getting thin strands colored rather than opting for thick and chunky hair streaks. You may read more on hair coloring and highlighting ideas. As for lowlights, hair stylists are of the view to get them done on the lower layers of the hair as it helps in lending the illusion of thick hair with a lot of depth!

Combination of Lowlights and Highlights
These days, a hair streaking trend that is fast catching up is getting both highlights as well as lowlights done in your hair. To get the perfect look, highlights are added on top of the hair while lowlights are added below the hair. The lowlights give depth to the hair and at the same time, highlights make them look highly dramatic. A combination of lowlights and highlights enhances the overall hair color like none! This hair highlighting technique, popularly known as "Tri-color Service" should always be done by a professional. A professional will know exactly how many highlights and lowlights to add to the hair to get the right balance of both. Usually, when it comes to tri-color service, most stylists follow the formula 3:1 i.e. for every three highlights, one lowlight is added.

This was in short about lowlights vs highlights. Here's hoping that the next time you go to a salon to add streaks to your hair, you will know exactly what to opt for to get those glamorous locks! One last tip before I sign off - along with styling and coloring your hair, pay attention to hair care as well, to enhance the natural beauty of your hair!

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