Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pageant Loser Shows True Colors

Dear Readers, (and the few staunch Miss California fans)

This is not going to be pretty for Miss California.
I'm so glad this freak of nature lost the Miss USA Pageant.
This video shows how undeserving she is to hold such a title.
You have to be beautiful, but you must have a brain as well.
She can barely put a sentence together.
Miss USA should NOT be homophobic.
Because once the gays turn on you honey.... it's over.
She had to read off her piece of paper words somebody else obviously wrote.
Another right wing bible thumping blond bimbo siliconed chested hate propaganda pawn.
Miss California obviously left her brain at home in the fridge next to the swelling pack she used for her plastic boobs. The RNC will love her. She may even become a Governor.

I know one thing for sure....
We'll see her on FOX News real soon y'all

Yee haw!

And I think she gets uglier every time she's on the television.
Ugly hateful heart, you can tell.
Bitter and angry.
NOT Perez Hilton's BFF.

What about this shocker?
Miss California
demanded that the Miss USA Pageant PAY for her silicone breasts prior to the pageant.

Apparently she thought her boobs were too small.
So she had them stuffed with silicone prior to the pageant.
Mmmmm, natural beauty?
Hahahahaha. Never.

She is so fake, it's ridiculous.
On the inside and the outside.


15 Questions for DJ Montano

DJ used to claim he had a trust fund. But his mom didn’t trust him so there wouldn’t be a fund if there’s no trust diba? And there’s really no money to put in a fund. Better to put whatever they had in an ATM. There are some without the required ADB. They’re really not rich. Probably before, but now, they have no money. They’re the old rich but not rich anymore. The stigma of being rich just stuck with them. They’re really poor now. Believe me. What socialite lives in a godforsaken village in Paranaque?

Dear Readers,

I found the list of questions below in
Victorina and was written by the 'Pilgrim'.
I had to share it here on my own blog.
I was overwhelmed because it's my life here and it's still a bit shocking.
I still can't believe it has gone this far because before I met DJ, I was not even on google.
Google me now. It's insanity.
I never imagined or wanted people to know me in this way, because of this.
I personally never dreamed my life could indeed take such a drastic '
cyber' detour.
It's more like a nightmare really with no end in sight.
This was not the plan I had for my life when I decided to pick up and shift stumps to the Philippines. But as you all know, life throws us so many curve balls and we just have to fly with them. Right peeps?
I'm so grateful and emotional from the support I receive.
I love my supporters and my defenders.
Without my readers, I would have shrivelled from this long long ago.
Filipinos actually run this blog and determine it's content.
My energy is
completely reliant upon their love and support for both myself and my objectives.
Without it, I am nothing.
It was always my intention to let the people have a voice where before they may have had none.
I'm only the conduit to an alternative way of looking at things.
That's all.
Peace out.

Thank you,

15 Questions for DJ, Celine Lopez and GG Posse
by The Pilgrim

* 1) Were you and Brian Gorrell lovers (as opposed to “friends”)?

* 2) You said the money Brian sent you was for the “bills.” Brian said he lived on Boracay only for a few months. Even if we assume that the monthly upkeep was 100,000 pesos and let’s assume that Brian spent that amount each month for one year — that’s still short of the nearly 3,000,000 that he claimed he sent you over several months. What happened to the rest of his money? He HAS proven his claims against you now. Unlike before.

* 3) Did you tell Brian that Marcel Crespo and Celine Lopez had promised to invest in the restaurant that, according to Brian, you and he were going to put up?

* 4) Did you resign from the Philippine Star or were you fired?

* 5) Have you ever used your position as a writer of the Philippine Star to gain favors, such as free hotel accommodations, as alleged?

* 6) Did you use your position in the Philippine Star to send the police to Brian’s hotel room that night that you had a fight and, allegedly, you cleaned out his safety deposit box?

* 7) What other sources of income did you have in order to support such a lifestyle?
Allegedly, your businesses folded up but you were always in Boracay, which can be quite expensive. So if you were not using Brian’s money, as you claim, where were you deriving your income? Does the Philippine Star pay so well so as to afford such a lifestyle?

* 8.) Why would an HIV-positive man, who sold his property in Australia to be with you in the Philippines and who requires expensive medication in order to survive, squander all that money just to live like a king, as you and your stepfather put it? If he did, did it ever occur to you to stop him, knock some sense into him?

* 9) Is it true that you also owe other people millions and that, as alleged by Brian, you also scammed these people?

* 10) Is it true that your mother, as reported by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, was involved in the PEA-Amari scam?

* 11) As a socialite, you live such a public life. You open your life up to the public the moment you allow your name and your picture to appear regularly in the papers. How can you claim privacy now? I mean, if you value privacy, why flaunt your lifestyle?

* 12) Don’t you think that far from Brian being the one insulting Filipinos, the sins that you allegedly committed have done far worse damage to the image of our country and our people?

* 13) You claim that Brian is just using his blog to extort money from you. Normally, an extortion act goes like this: the extortionist calls up the, uh, extortionee and demands that if the extortionee doesn’t pay up, he will expose the skeletons in your closet. In his blog, Brian has exposed so much dirt about you that it would make a fertilizer factory extremely happy. Why would he risk his chances of not getting that money from you, if indeed it was extortion?

* 14) And if indeed it was extortion, why threaten to sue him with libel and defamation, and not extortion or some such related crime?

* 15) You claim that you came out because you felt the issue had gotten out of hand. Weren’t you concerned that by coming out, you are doing exactly what Brian wanted — lend his story some credibility? Before this, people actually thought this was just a person seeking attention. By coming out now, by confirming essentially Brian’s story, you’ve just added fuel to the fire. Now, the mainstream press — which exerts far more influence than all the blogs put together (contrary to their delusions that they can now change the world) and which had protected your identity for so long — can write about this without NOT mentioning you or bleeping your name.

Who advised you to come out?

Thank you to the Victorina reader who put these questions together. I was impressed and I'm grateful as well. Seeing it all there is a bit shocking for me ...still. I hope it reminds DJ what is really going on here. I also hope his 'lawyer' might see it. Everyone needs to know that I will NOT go quietly.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bollywood Actress: Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa ShettyShilpa Shetty

Thanks for support, for more detail and photos about Shilpa Shetty. Please visit our new website. Please click here:

Bollywood Actress: Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa ShettyShilpa Shetty

Thanks for support, for more detail and photos about Shilpa Shetty. Please visit our new website. Please click here:

Victorina CSI

part one intro

remember this readers.......

Host unlimited photos at for FREE!
Where is DJ Montano?

Dear Readers and DJ Montano,

Victorina Blog has launched it's official HUNT FOR DJ MONTANO.

Victorina Blog has posted a 'reward' for information leading to DJ Montano's whereabouts.

Our “High-Society” reward with PRICE tags (all donated and will be shipped via Western Union) fit for the lifestyle pages of Supreme:

1 pair of Chocolate cord Sass & Bide Jeans $ 170.00

1 Calvin Klein denim $199.00
1 Ted Baker Halter print top Retail Size small $139.00
1 Escada 100% lime green skirt $899.00

1 diamond pendant $200.00


We need to find DJ Montano and return him to the Philippines to face my charges.
You might want to read Victorina before you read my entry.
I'm sad today and it shows.
I'm angry but I make zero apologies.
Live love and laugh?

It's not always so easy readers.
When I get sick, I remember.
I need my money.
click to join the hunt

On that topic of DJ, PLEASE allow me to rage for a few minutes because mummy always said, "Oh Brian, it's better out than in."

I am so fu--ing ANGRY readers.

I've begged and pleaded with my ex boyfriend for my Western Union money and my Royal Bank bank transfer money (all of which I have posted on the blog) which I sent many months before I even moved to the Philippines. My ex had me on a transfer 'plan' only weeks after meeting. The money was for our 'restaurant' and travel booking business which I was to operate on beautiful Boracay.

DJ Montano will have to show where my life savings went.
I sent so many thousands of dollars to his sister Marvili as well.
WHERE is my money Marvili Montano?
I've had enough with this disgraced Montano clan bullshit.

I'm SUPER pissed off and I want my money back!

When I lived on Boracay, I lived on my Australian pension which was 22 thousand pesos every two weeks which paid for my room and my precious Yaya. Still to this day, she is the most trusted person I have ever met. I trusted Yaya with EVERYTHING.
I paid 8000-12000 for my room and her salary and our food. We did live well. On 44000 pesos a month.
I did live like a king... ON THAT!

I'm overwhelmed.
I love the Philippines.
My heart aches for it.
I want to return.
But I can't.

44K a month.....THAT was MORE than enough for us to live on. My Yaya Rose was VERY good with my money. I also sold my truck for back up money.
I received not ONE single cent of my money back from DJ. I did send him 3000 dollars once which WAS for my domestic arrangements which was three months advance rent and my wifi hook up. THAT'S IT.


I paid for EVERYTHING else from my own money.
DJ, YOU know it and your family knows it.
Your mother bloody well knows it.
So come off it Montano and give me my fucking money back you bastard.
Stop hiding out in America.
Time to face up and PAY UP!

The entire Montano clan went on television and DJ said that we had NO businesses together. He told Korina and MoTwister that he gave me every penny of my money. It's hard to watch it. All 70,000 dollars. That's ten thousand a month.
DJ spoke to my mother on the phone and told her all about out travel business... JUST BEFORE I sent him more money.

It's ok DJ, no worries.... I have all the e mails mate.

See you in court mate.
You should have just paid it back.
NONE of this would have happened.
I told you.
I warned you.

You do NOT fuck with me.

The sole reason I moved back to the Philippines (apart from the fact that I loved it so much) is because I thought the businesses were real and my future was going to be amazing. What's wrong with that? I didn't know the GG. I had no idea how it all worked. I mean come on, I was coming off eight years on a rural property.

I mean, you can't even imagine how I was duped with fake documents and 'pretend' e mails. They were not real businesses at all.
It was all a scam. Plain and simple.
Celine and Marcel were never going to be our business partners.
It was all lies.

The day I finally asked for bank account proof, my world collapsed.
My abduction from the hotel still haunts me to this day.
The day DJ put his master plan into action.
And here we are today.
The spoils and riches of his pure evil.

Some have called me a 'scorned lover'.
You're damn right I'm scorned. Scorched actually.
Am I sounding dramatic?
And if anyone thinks for one second that I'm going to let that slimy little free loading social climbing wannabee get away with his crimes against me......
You're mad.
Mad I tell you.

Other still say.. move on Brian.....
Get over it.



I borrowed ten thousand dollars from my mom which is one thing that causes me pain because who wants to borrow from their mom who only has 30 000 to her name? And when I did not get it back, she stressed out way too much. For this , I continue to fight. For my mother's honor. I paid mummy back with interest and then some. I would NOT let DJ interfere with my relationship with MY mother anymore than he already had. He stressed her out for months and still does. Motherfucker.

I did not want to borrow the money from mummy, but the pressure from Montano was enormous and overwhelming.
Meanwhile, his own mother Aurora is LOADED!! "What is seventy twousand dollars?" the mother said.
Instead of getting his mother's money, DJ got MY mothers money!

DJ claims to love his mother but he did not care that I owed my own mother ten thousand dollars. I asked him, "DJ, how can you do this?" His response was a million times, "I don't want to talk about the money".
His inheritance was a big lie.
I wailed on the phone to Aurora. I begged, I PLEADED with her NOT to make me a victim of her son's methods and ways.

When I forfeited my share of Bethel Park, I vowed I would not ever stop my pursuit of justice and my life savings. Although I am welcome back there whenever I want....
Bethel Park is not MINE anymore.
Not a single share.

The profits DJ claimed we would make were just a big fat lie.
Everything was a lie.
He never even loved me.

Look, I'm NOT Filipino. That is plain to see.
I am NOT afraid of these people as most others are.
I'm an outsider and will always be one.
The way I like it.

When I come back to Manila, I will look them all in the face.

I will look at DJ's mother and I will smile.
She told me once that truth always prevails.
Aurora Montano will eat those words.

I just want my money back so I can move on with my life.
It's simple. If it has to go to court.... shall be it.
I don't want to do it this way.
But I need my money back.
I really do.

When I was told Celine only just helped DJ buy his car, that was it for me.
My nerves were shattered. I never stood a chance against them. I was simply a stupid white mark from day ONE.

Please read Victorina blog today (and everyday).

The Hunt is on for DJ Montano.

PS- One more thing dear readers, because I always like reminding my ex boyfriend....


YOU emptied my hotel safe motherfucker before you had me kidnapped from my fucking room.
You STOLE my passport!
YOU STOLE 250,000 pesos AFTER I gave you 60,000 that VERY afternoon at Tina Tinio's mothers sushi restaurant.(which SUCKED BTW, closed now)
YOU STOLE my shit from MY ROOM.
You will NOT give me back my stuff and you think I'm afraid of LAWYERS you bloody idiot.
YOU STOLE my plane ticket Montano!
YOU STOLE my shoes Montano!

You STOLE my security and the future I had planned when you screwed me blind.
I still suffer Montano.

Now pay attention grifter man.
When I get my money back, only then will I close my blog.


Well, DO YOU?


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Angelina jolie sexy photo gallery

Angelina Jolie is my favorite actress. Angelina Jolie is so hot, sexy, beautiful and so aggressive. I love her very much and i am a big fan of Angelina Jolie. Here is some of my collection of Angelina Jolie:

Angelina jolie sexy photo gallery

Angelina Jolie is my favorite actress. Angelina Jolie is so hot, sexy, beautiful and so aggressive. I love her very much and i am a big fan of Angelina Jolie. Here is some of my collection of Angelina Jolie:

Kelly Lin Wallpaper

Kelly Lin Wallpaper

Chiling Lin Wallpaper

Chiling Lin Wallpaper

Sherry Cheung Wallpaper

Sherry Cheung Wallpaper