Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Off World"

Mateo Guez is the director/creator and brilliant mind behind the film "Off World"

Dear Readers,

This clip from "Off World" is only the tip of this amazing film. Remarkable indeed and speaks a completely different language to my heart than what it's used to.

Mateo Guez is a wonderful french film director with a deep passion, not unlike myself, for the Philippines.

I had the immense pleasure of meeting with him along with fellow blogger Carlos Celdran last night for laughs, food and drink and of course ART!

Thanks Carlos, for inviting me to attend. I really had the best time.

Please watch Mateo's amazing film clip. Mateo is currently touring the world with his film about the Smokey Mountains.
I LOVE that so many foreigners love the Philippines and spend so much time devoted to telling their own stories about the country. Their OWN treasured experiences.

Blogger Carlos Celdran, in Toronto spreading his joy. What fun we had.

Having a great time with wonderful french film director Mateo Guez

I adored Carlos of course and we were a perfect fit.

Star Plagiarizes Blogger


You should check this out because The Philippine Star's The Freeman and philstar online is up to its old tricks again.
STEALING from bloggers and blatantly plagiarizing their work.

The Freeman, a local newspaper in Cebu owned by Philippine Star has published an article that has been ripped from his blog BYAHILO (

His post, which talks about a local cake house in Bacolod city was originally published last October 29, 2006.

The plagiarized version appeared in The Freeman and in philstar
.com last May 16 2009.

the article can be found here

try to compare the text with the original 2006 post here:

I am so tired of this organization stealing from bloggers.
It's disgusting quite frankly.

China Actress: Betty Huang Yi

Betty Huang YiBetty Huang Yi

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China Actress: Betty Huang Yi

Betty Huang YiBetty Huang Yi

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hayden Protects Family

Dear Readers,

Who is Mikey Ablan?
Who is Dodie Puno?

WHY is Hayden Kho so terrified of them?

Love New Philippine Revolution Blog so of course you'll find them on my prime list on blog left. The blog was a finalist at the 2nd Annual Philippines Blog Awards.

Today's edition is fantastic and full of rumors and speculation like only the Philippines can conger up. Below is part of the entry and I've provided the link at the bottom for the rest.
Who is the drug dealer?
The Hayden Kho circus is only going to get crazier because now they want the name of the drug dealer who supplied him with the pills on the fateful night (
or fateful nights). DRUGS DRUGS DRUGS.

Two things that will identify this "dealer". First, he operates within showbiz circles and high society places and second, he's well connected in Philippine society. He's a "big name", says Kho and which was corroborated by Senator Madrigal. Now, let me tell you that there are three (3) names under the PDEA watchlist and this drug supplier of Kho is the member of the Asian drug triad. He gets his ecstacy pills straight from abroad through couriers that pass thru the VIP airport passage. He's not "old" as what Madrigal believes, but in his middle thirties. He's a son of a retired PNP general. He's the one who reportedly killed a former junior golf champ sometime late 2002 and continues to operate his illegal drug trade through his Pasig city residence. He operates through his circle of friends, and these people are the same ones which Richard Brodett and the infamous "Alabang Boys" used to deal with. Now, both Chua and this Rosario reportedly know this person, and has dealt with him several times before, according to sources from PDEA. He was the one who brought those sex tapes because of Katrina Halili, whom this person reportedly wanted to go to bed with. This drug dealer also used these tapes to extort money from Belo and Kho. There were reportedly "feelers" and "pressures" coming from this dealer, that he'll release the tapes if Belo or Kho refuses to give him money. Belo reportedly resisted and that's why the sex tapes leaked out.

Another hint---he's very close to a legislator who supports charter change moves and once dealt with the wife of this legislator. The wife of this legislator reportedly used drugs (ecstacy and shabu) before. The wife continues her illegal drug use since this day. She was reportedly a party-goer before and gets her drugs from bars. The legislator also uses drugs.

There's reason for Kho to feel threatened since this drug dealer is "malakas" and "well connected" in Filipino society. The backer of this dealer is a legislator who's afraid of being jailed after this administration.

Now, again, who is this big-time drug dealer?
click link to read full story and a GREAT blog!

Hayden All Wet.. YUMMY!

Of Carabaos and Girlfriends

Dear Readers,

Thad Hinunagan is one of my favorite Filipino writers and well, I really think he's brilliant because he writes about REAL things and REAL feelings. He's been on my Bent Culture blog list forever. Thad's special stories are magnificent and truly touching. Visit his wonderful blog @

Of Carabaos and Girlfriends
by Thad Hinunangan

When asked, I only have but a few recollections of instances when I spent some alone time with my father when I was young. Being an OFW, he was always away and the man I call my father was a vague figure who was frequently overshadowed by my mom's presence.

He is a man of a few words. Simple, practical, and never really had those father and son talks with me- except I think, when it came to discussions about tuition fees and bills. In terms of life direction or career paths, my parents never really intervened, which suited me just fine since I was quite an independent kid. Among the few instances he vaguely expressed what he wanted of me- he told me one morning, he knew of a kid in his hometown about the same age as me who was good at saving money and already owned a carabao. He wanted to show me his idea of a good, stable life but probably because of my immaturity, all I could think of was this: what am I supposed to do? Get a carabao?

I realize now of course, he never intended the discussion on large mammals. It was about being thrifty and frugal, and that those were qualities he wanted me to possess. But I had other ideas which I carried over until I started working: work hard, party hard. Skyscrapers sounded more appealing than beasts of burden, but as my lifestyle came to a halt when I resigned- I realized he was right. That was the first instance I disappointed my father.

A memory had been nagging on my mind- on my sixteenth birthday, he told me a few days before the 17Th of November: if I bring a girlfriend home, he would give me five hundred pesos. I laugh at this every time I remember it. There was even an instance he brought three daughters of his kumpares from Abuyog to meet with me (I think he bragged to them I was quite the ladies man who went to UP). Naturally, all these efforts came crashing down, and after my coming out- came the second disappointment I caused.

Perhaps we will always have different ideas of who he wants me to be and who I want to be, but I do hope it would not ruin our relationship. No amount of differences can change the fact that we are father and son, and as much as I envy my straight brothers possibly fulfilling my father's dream of what kind of men they would be- I can only be myself, and that's all I can offer. I love my dad.

Come to think of it, I do remember an instance when we spent time together: it was 1994, and our house was still being constructed. My father was home for a month. I made an improvised baseball using crumpled paper and masking tape, and played catch with my brother Tye. Papa approached with a wooden stick from the construction so we could use it to play baseball. And until the sky dimmed that day, we enjoyed playing with our makeshift ball and relished the time we spent with our father, just like a regular family.


Stunning Pinoy Author Thadie Hinunagan

Taiwan Actress: Joe Chen Chiao-en

Joe Chen Chiao-enJoe Chen Chiao-en

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Taiwan Actress: Joe Chen Chiao-en

Joe Chen Chiao-enJoe Chen Chiao-en

Thanks for support, for more detail and photos about Joe Chen Chiao-en 陳喬恩. Please visit our new website. Please click here:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

God Made Me Gay.. So There!

I love my mother so much. I cling to her here as a one year old.
My blond curls were legendary and mummy refused to cut them until I was three.
I was Rapunzel.

This was my favorite thing in the world. My Orbit wagon. My mother would let us play forever it seems now. She really was the best mother a kid could ask for. Always made sure we had fun things to do.

Even as a child, I was so dramatic and very happy and my mother was so wonderful to take our pictures. The three of us are grateful to have had such a sweet mummy.

I loved being a kid. I was a gentle little chap really. Pretty some say.

Thank you Mummy for letting me be me. Just a sweet gay boy who was allowed to be himself.

One Day....

I love all the celebrities in this video.
It's only a matter of time, but at least this fight is a good one.

My Gay International 2009

Beautiful Mr Gay Philippines Kris Cardenas

Name: Kris Cristopherson S. Cardenas
Date of Birth: June 16, 1984
Place of Birth: Manila, Philippines
Nationality: Filipino
Native language: Filipino
Foreign languages: English
Height: 5’10’’
Weight: 153 lbs.
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark Brown
Education: Pamantasan Ng Lungsod Ng Maynila 2001-2006
Hobbies:Jogging, Reading Books, Working out, Surfing the Net
Zodiac sign: Gemini

I am soooo PROUD to support Mr. Gay International 2009 which takes place in Manila on June 26th 2009. I need all my beautiful gay boys to help me support this event. And all my gorgeous girls too!
Not only because the beneficiary is the AIDS Society of the Philippines, for children dealing with life with HIV/AIDS or having lost parents to it, but because the creators have worked SO very hard on this event and quite frankly, I'm really proud of them.

Check out their brilliant website where you will find everything you need to know about the global event which will take place in the Philippines. YAY!!!!!!
Participate or just donate.
100% of the proceeds will go to orphaned Filipino children who have AIDS
click to link

Please watch the beautiful clip of beautiful orphaned Filipino children battling HIV/AIDS